Palm Trees
Palm Tree Lifespan

Most people think of palm trees as the tropical leafy landmarks lining the edge of paradise-like beaches, but in fact there is so much more to the palm tree than its iconic Malibu reputation. Palm trees belong to the Arecaceae family, and within this there are 181 genera of palm trees, and more than 2500 palm species

Are Palm Trees Grass

Simply put: no. Palm trees are not a type of grass. However, they are very closely related to grasses, and have many similarities. Palms belong to the Arecaceae family, and grasses belong to the Poaceae family, but both of these families are in the order Arecales, which means they are all monocots. Conversely, trees are a type of dicot, not monocot, which is why Palm Trees are also technically not trees.

How Much Do Palm Trees Cost

Palm trees are hugely popular as both indoor and outdoor plants, adding a laid-back tropical feel to any space. Before you make the leap and buy one of these trees, you’ll first need to consider what type of palm is suitable for growing in your region, and how much a palm tree is going to cost.