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Karli Edmondson-Matthews

Karli is a lifelong gardener - she got a hobby of growing since childhood. She is a collector of houseplants and is particularly interested in the propagation and growing of plants. She has been writing professionally for over a decade and is passionate about combining her experiences in plants with her love of writing. She has two young children who are being raised to appreciate all things green, and getting their hands dirty.

Posts by Karli Edmondson-Matthews:

Pumpkins Sun or Shade

A sunny site is the best place for a pumpkin plant, as this will result in more flower production and a greater yield of pumpkins.

Picolino Cucumbers – Growing and Care Guide

Picolino Cucumber plants produce small cucumber fruits which are great for snacking on. They have a mild and refreshing flavor, which makes them suitable for a variety of uses. The plants are easy to care for and can be grown in a wide range of climates during spring, summer, and fall.

Parts of a flower

Flowers are enjoyed by many people as a colorful, scented, beautiful addition to the landscape, home garden, or in the case of cut flowers, in a vase. However the intricate parts of a flower are not for the visual enjoyment of humans, but instead to ensure the survival of the species, because flowers are actually what a plant uses as a means of reproduction. Here we explore the different parts of a flower and explain what each part is for, and how it works in conjunction with the other reproductive parts of a flower.

Maple Trees Care Guide Origins Identification Colors Diseases Sizes

There are more than 100 different species of maple tree, and these range from small trees through to enormous specimens. Maple trees are deciduous, and yet they still add interest to the landscape for much of the year.

Unusual Pumpkin Varieties

Unusual-looking pumpkins can make wonderful additions to quirky fall displays in a range of settings. If you’re looking for something a little different to the norm, consider these unusual pumpkin varieties.

What Color Are Pumpkin Flowers

Pumpkin flowers are large and shaped like funnels, coming in vivid shades of orange and yellow to contrast against the backdrop of their green leaves.

How Many Pumpkins per Plant

The number of pumpkins that can grow on a single pumpkin plant will vary depending on several factors, including the pumpkin variety, growing conditions, and how well the plant is cared for. Some smaller pumpkin varieties may produce as many as 10 to 12 pumpkins per plant, while larger varieties may produce 1 to 3 pumpkins.

Do Peonies Change Color

Most types of peony flowers do not change color, but there are a small number of cultivars that have the ability to change color while blooming, such as the Peony ‘Coral Sunset’.

How often do you water ferns

The frequency with which a fern needs to be watered will vary between species, and also be heavily impacted by the conditions the plant is growing in, and the local climate. As a general rule, ferns will need around 2 inches of rainfall each week to remain healthy, which equates to a generous watering once a week in a moderate climate. 

Plants that Can Withstand Heavy Rain

There are some steps you can take to help improve a plant’s chances of survival in frequent or heavy rain, but it’s also useful to intentionally fill your garden with plants that can tolerate wet feet. This article will delve into the best plants for heavy rainfall and soggy conditions.

Plants that grow from leaves

Growing plants from leaves can be a fun and rewarding experience, and it allows you to expand your plant family without spending any money. In this article, we explore which plants are easy to grow from leaves.

When to transplant ferns

Ferns are perennial plants that can be evergreen or deciduous, depending on the variety you have. If you need to transplant a potted fern to a larger container, or move a fern from one site on your property to another, then it’s important to understand how to successfully transplant ferns, and when is the best time to transplant ferns. Trying to dig up and move a fern at the wrong time can result in significant damage to the plant, and even cause it to die. Here we reveal the key tips you need to know for transplanting any type of fern.