How to Care for Peonies in A Vase?

Peonies are a type of flowering plant in the Paeoniaceae family. They are favored for their large, showy, and fragrant flowers that come in various shades including white, pink, and yellow.

Peonies are very popular in floral arrangements due to their romantic appearance.  They are an especially popular choice for weddings, bouquets, and other special occasions due to their elegance and beauty.

If you want to display your peonies in a vase, there are some tricks you can use to help extend their life span and get the most out of the flowers. Here, we look at the best way to look after peonies in a vase and share some hacks for peony care.

What is the Vase Life of Peonies?

What is the Vase Life of Peonies

Peonies are stunning flowers that have a strikingly delicate look, making them a popular choice for floral arrangements in vases.

Unfortunately, peonies do not have a very long vase life and typically die around five days after being cut from their plant. Since peonies are quite expensive to buy and look beautiful in the home, it’s useful to know how to make your peony bouquet last as long as possible.

Some ways that you can help to extend the life span of peonies in a vase include frequently changing the vase water and keeping the flowers out of direct sunlight. When cared for carefully, peonies can last over a week in a vase; however, if cared for improperly, their vase life can be as short as 3 days.

How to Trim a Peony Bouquet for Display

One of the best ways to extend the vase life of any flower, including peonies, is to ensure the stems are cut properly when being placed into the vase. The stems should be cut at a diagonal angle with a sharp pair of scissors. This increases the surface area of the stem that is open, allowing for a greater intake of water, and therefore improving the vase life of the flower.

When trimming peonies for display in a vase, ensure that the stems are not squeezed by the scissors, as this can damage the tissue of the stem and cause issues with water intake. Any leaves on the stems which will be below the water level in the vase should be removed.

Place the stems in a vase and fill the vase with room-temperature water. The temperature of the water is especially important for peonies because it will affect how long the blooms last. Warm water will encourage the peony flowers to open up more quickly, effectively shortening the vase’s life. The level of water in the vase should cover around 70% of the total length of the peony’s stems.

How Often Should You Change Peony Vase Water?

How Often Should You Change Peony Vase Water

To help ensure your peonies last as long as possible, you should change the water in the vase every one to two days. This involves completely emptying the vase of the current water and replacing it with fresh, clean water. The water should be at room temperature to prevent the flowers from opening too quickly.

If you’re unsure about the temperature of the water coming from your kitchen faucet, fill a jug of water and let it sit on your countertop for an hour before adding it to your vase. This will ensure it is at room temperature. It is also a good idea to trim the stems of the peonies each time you change the water in the vase.

To do this, use scissors to trim the ends of the stems at a diagonal angle. You should aim to remove around one inch from the end of the stem or any of the stem that has turned brown. This will help to refresh the peonies and ensure they continue to take in the required amount of water to keep them in the best condition.

Tips for Extending Vase Life of Peonies

Tips for Extending Vase Life of Peonies

The length of time peonies last in a vase can vary according to the type of care you are giving the flowers. With proper care, cut peonies can last for more than a week, but they can also die in as little as three days when not cared for effectively. To help extend the vase life of your peonies, follow these simple tips and tricks.

Buy Closed Buds

The best way to make your cut peonies last longer once you get them home is to buy them while they are in buds. This means the buds have not yet opened, and though it may be tempting to buy the luscious fully bloomed peonies, these are actually much more likely to be less healthy and appealing than those that are still closed.

Peonies that have already bloomed are more likely to lose petals in transportation, and they will only last for a few days in a vase once you get them home. Closed-bud peonies will usually begin to open up within a few days of being in a vase, giving you more time with your floral display.

Trim Stems

Peony stems should always be trimmed at a diagonal angle before being put in a vase with water, as this helps to improve moisture intake and therefore can extend the lifespan.

Repeat the stem-trimming process each time you change the water, taking care not to squash the stems. Remove any brown or mushy parts of the stems each time you trim, continuing to follow the diagonal angle with the scissors or shears.

Remove Foliage

Any leaves that are going to be submerged in water in the vase should be removed from the peonies at the same time that the stems are trimmed. Leaves that are below the water level will turn brown and mushy, and not only does this look unattractive, but it can also contaminate the water that your peonies are growing in, which in turn can shorten their vase life.

Use Flower Food

If you buy a peony bouquet from a florist then use the packet of flower food that is included. When you change the water, or if you are displaying peonies you have cut from your garden, you can use DIY flower food in the form of granulated sugar. One teaspoon of sugar added to the water will help to extend the lifespan of the peonies.

Replace Water

The vase water of peonies should be replaced with clean water every day or every other day. You can use water from the kitchen faucet, or rainwater that has accumulated outside in a bucket or watering can. The water should always be at room temperature to prevent the blooms from opening too quickly.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Placing your cut peonies in direct sunlight is a sure way to make them wilt quickly. Peonies should be displayed away from a bright window, so use them to brighten up a dark corner of your home.

Avoid Draughts

Draughts can cause peonies to wilt quickly, so be sure to keep them away from any open windows or entryways where exterior doors are frequently being opened and closed.

Keep Cool

Peonies need to be kept cool to help them last longer once they’ve been cut. This means keeping them away from heaters and sunny windows, and ensuring their water isn’t warm. If you have space in your refrigerator, you can store the peonies in the fridge overnight to help prolong their lifespan.