How Much Does a Philodendron Cost?

The cost of a philodendron plant will differ depending on a number of factors. These include the species of philodendron, the size of the philodendron, the condition of the philodendron, and the place you buy it from.

Common philodendron plants will typically cost between $15 and $40, while rare philodendrons can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Average Cost of Philodendron

The average cost of a standard or common philodendron plant is around $40. This is the typical cost for an established, medium-sized philodendron in good condition. Smaller philodendrons can be purchased for a lower cost, or you could buy a philodendron stem cutting for as little as $4 and propagate your own philodendron plant.

If you want a large philodendron or a philodendron in a decorative pot, then you can expect to pay a higher price.

Factors Affecting Philodendron Cost

Factors Affecting Philodendron Cost

The price of a philodendron will be determined by a variety of factors which we explore below.


The size of a philodendron is going to have a big impact on the cost. A large, established philodendron will have taken more time than a small philodendron to grow, and there are more costs associated with this.

A large plant will have required longer care, and as such these plants can demand a higher price. If you want to buy a philodendron on a tight budget then the best option is to purchase a small plant and wait for it to grow larger.


The condition of a philodendron plant will also dictate its cost to a certain degree. Prominent growers who produce very high-quality plants will be able to charge a higher price, since these plants will be strong and healthy and therefore more likely to survive once taken home.

If a philodendron plant has a few damaged leaves or doesn’t appear to be as healthy, then it will likely be priced accordingly at a lower cost.


The species of a philodendron plant is the biggest factor affecting the price of these houseplants. Philodendron is a genus of plant with almost 500 different species under its umbrella. Some types of philodendron are very common, and as a result, these tend to be among the more inexpensive species of philodendron.

When it comes to plant species prices, supply and demand is a huge factor. Some species have been known to gather a large following thanks to social media, and if the demand outweighs the supply then this will drive the cost up. The best example of this is the philodendron pink princess, which has been known to sell for as much as $2000 because it is so hard to get hold of.

Rare Philodendron Cost

Rare Philodendron Cost

Rare philodendrons can demand prices that most people would find astounding just for a houseplant, but among collectors, these rare plants are extremely valuable. Rare philodendron plants typically cost in excess of $100, with prices for some species rocketing into the thousands.

If you are desperate for a rare philodendron plant but can’t afford an established example, you could splash out on a stem cutting from a rare species. Stem cuttings from rare species of philodendron have been known to sell for as much as $80, which is twice the price of a fully developed common philodendron plant.

Common Philodendron Varieties and Their Prices

Philodendron Burle Marx

Philodendron Burle Marx plants typically have a modest price range. A young plant can often be found for just around $20, while a more established, larger plant can go for $50 or more. Keep in mind, the rarity and the overall health of the plant play a significant role in determining the price. Here are some examples of Philodendron Burle Marx prices:

  • Young plant (4-6 inches): $20
  • Medium plant (8-12 inches): $35
  • Large, established plant (18+ inches): $50+

Philodendron Cordatum

The Philodendron Cordatum, also known as the heartleaf philodendron, is another popular variety that is quite affordable. You can find smaller plants for as low as $5, making it a great choice for beginner plant enthusiasts or those on a budget. A larger, well-established plant may cost around $25. Here’s a quick breakdown of Philodendron Cordatum prices:

  • Small plant (4-6 inches): $5
  • Medium plant (8-12 inches): $15
  • Large, established plant (18+ inches): $25

Philodendron Giganteum

Philodendron Giganteum is a large, bold, and unique plant that can make quite an impact in your indoor space. With its impressive size, one would expect its price to be considerably higher than other varieties. Surprisingly, it’s quite affordable. A young Philodendron Giganteum will cost around $30, while a more mature plant can range from $80 to $200 depending on its size and health. Here are some examples of Philodendron Giganteum prices:

  • Young plant (4-6 inches): $30
  • Medium plant (8-12 inches): $60
  • Large, established plant (18+ inches): $80-$200

Overall, these common Philodendron varieties tend to vary in price depending on factors like size, health, and rarity. As always, it’s essential to consider these factors when looking to purchase any plant.

Most Expensive Philodendron Plants

Most philodendron plants fall into the ‘moderately priced’ bracket compared with other houseplants. They are attractive and easy to care for, which makes them very popular amongst houseplant lovers. However, some rare species of philodendron can cost more than you might spend on a vacation.

Here we look at the most expensive philodendron plants.

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

Philodendron Spiritus Sancti

This philodendron is considered to be the most expensive type of philodendron in the world. It is grown nativel only in Espirito Santo, a state in Brazil. Even in its natural habitat, it is extremely endangered, with just 6 plants reportedly remaining in the wild.

The six plants are closely protected by 24 hour CCTV and their very own security guards. The fact that these plants are almost extinct is one of the reasons they are so rare and expensive, but this is not the only reason.

The spiritus sancti philodendron also has a very unusual look, and quirky plants which stand out from the crowd are generally more expensive to buy than common looking plants. This philodendron produces large dark green leaves which span 2 feet at maturity, and in optimum conditions they will develop pretty white flowers.

To buy a philodendron spiritus sanctus, you will need a budget of between $5,000 and $20,000.

Philodendron Erubescens ‘Pink Princess’

Philodendron Erubescens ‘Pink Princess’

The pink princess has something of a cult-like following thanks to its viral status on social media. It is almost impossible to scroll through an instagram feed without seeing examples of this pretty plant with pink-flushed leaves.

The high price tag of this plant comes down to the fact that it is very sought after, and there is not a huge amount of availability. Since the demand for this plant outweighs the supply, the cost has been driven up.

The philodendron pink princess grows natively only in Columbia, so the houseplants you see on the market today will have had to originate from South America. These plants are favored for their unusual coloring, with foliage produced in shades of dark green, gray, and bubblegum pink. The heart-shaped leaves add an extra dimension to the look of these plants, so it is easy to see why they are so popular.

You can expect to pay around $100 for a small philodendron pink princess, while a large reasonably priced philodendron pink princess will be up to $800. Some sellers are taking advantage of this plant’s popularity and charging as much as $2000 for it.

Where to Buy Philodendrons

Buying houseplants is easier than ever before because their popularity means that more stores are stocking live plants to keep their customers happy.


Since the popularity of houseplants has exploded over the last decade, there has been a huge rise in the number of online plant stores popping up. If you are in search of a rare philodendron species then you should be able to locate one online to purchase without too much trouble.

If you are spending a lot of money on a philodendron, be sure to check reviews of the website to make sure it is reputable and can be trusted. You can also buy plants from individual sellers and small businesses on Etsy and eBay, as well as philodendron cuttings which you can propagate and grow yourself.

Local nursery

Local nurseries are often the best places to buy houseplants from for a number of reasons. Firstly you are able to see the plant in real life before you buy it, unlike purchasing online, which means you can check the quality of the plant and check it over for any pests or flaws.

Your plant will also not have to go through the trauma of being handled by the mail system, which can cause unnecessary stress and mean it reaches you damaged. Your local plant nursery staff are typically very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their plants, and if they don’t stock a particular variety you are looking for, then they may be able to order it in especially for you.