How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Palm Tree?

There are a number of factors that will affect how much you will pay for a palm tree to be removed. The key factors affecting the cost are the type of palm tree removal you need, the height of the palm, and so on. Keep reading to for further details

Type of Palm Tree Removal

The type of removal you require is going to play a key role in determining cost because this will dictate how long a removal project is going to take, the level of expertise it requires, and the type of tools that will be needed.

For example, if you want a palm tree to be cut down and you aren’t bothered about having the stump removed, then this will result in a lower price compared with if you also want the contractors to mulch the stump. Some people may want to have a palm tree removed and kept alive so it can be transplanted elsewhere, and this is going to be a careful job that requires more time, and as such it will demand a higher cost.

Height of Palm Tree

The height of a palm tree that needs to be removed will have a big effect on cost. The smaller the tree, the less it will cost  for it to be removed. The price will vary according to your area and the company you use, but in general, you can expect to pay less than $400 for a tree up to 30 feet in height and between $200 and $800 for a tree that is between 30 and 60 feet in height.

Palms which are 60 to 80 feet tall can cost between $400 and $1000 to be removed, and palms that measure upwards of 80 feet can demand a price for removal of between $600 and $1200.

Services Required

Additional services that you need the garden contractor to fulfill will of course come at an extra cost. Have you thought about what you are going to do with the palm tree once it has been removed? If you want it to be hauled away, this is typically considered to be an optional extra.

This will require the contractor to chop the trunk of the palm up into smaller, easier-to-manage sections, and then transport all of it to a suitable place to be discarded. Another additional service that adds an extra dimension to the job of removing a palm tree, is the reason that the palm needs removing.

If it is growing too close to a structure, for example, it cannot simply be chopped down at the base and allowed to fall, because it can damage nearby buildings or property. In this instance, the tree will need to be roped down, which will take additional time and potentially require more staff members or more experienced staff. All of this will lead to extra costs, hiking up the total price of palm tree removal.

Company Used

The company you hire to fulfill the palm tree removal will affect the price you pay since some companies have more competitive pricing than others. A company with an excellent reputation and many years of experience will likely cost more than a new company you haven’t heard of before, but you should consider the risks associated with choosing a company that hasn’t been recommended. If a price seems too good to be true, it might be because it is.

Always research customer reviews online when finding a contractor who could cause expensive damage to your home or garden. The distance that your contractors have to travel to reach you can also bump up the cost of palm tree removal since many companies charge mileage.

Types of Palm Tree Removal

The type of palm tree removal you require or how to remove a palm tree stump is dependent on the condition of the tree, and what you want to do with the land where the tree currently stands. Here we look at the types of palm tree removal available and indicate how this can affect cost.

Cutting down the palm

Cutting down the palm

The simplest job and therefore the most inexpensive job when it comes to palm tree removal is the cutting down of the tree. If you only want the tree to be chopped down, and you don’t need the stump removed, or the tree hauled away, then this can cost as little as $100, depending on the height of the tree.

If you are trying to cut costs, but have no means of cutting down the palm yourself, then the best option is to hire a contractor to chop down the palm, and then use DIY methods of removing the stump.

This can be achieved by using chemicals that will rot the stump. Or if the stump is quite small then you may be able to dig it out right away since its root systems are very shallow with the maximum depth of palm tree roots at around 3 feet.

do not have deep root systems.

Removing the stump

Removing the stump

If you want the stump of the tree to be removed as well as having the tree cut down, this can cost extra because it takes additional time and will require the use of large machinery. To remove a stump, professional contractors will use a stump grinder, which gets pushed over the stump and grinds both the stump and the roots down to mulch.

This can add several hundred dollars to the cost of tree removal, depending on the size of the stump. After removing a stump, the contractors will level out the ground so that you will not be able to tell that a palm tree ever existed there. This is great if you want to plant new trees or shrubs in place of the palm, or if you want to create a new deck or patio area where the palm previously was.

Removing a live palm

If you need to remove a palm tree from your property then you should first investigate if it has any value. Some people will pay a lot of money for a mature palm, so selling the tree could offset the cost you are paying to have it removed. This is especially the case for rare or more unusual palm trees or palms that are slow growing and therefore take many years to reach a mature height.

If the palm needs to be removed while keeping the tree alive, this will be a much more complex job. A trench that is 3 feet deep will need to be dug around the perimeter of the tree’s root ball, and the root ball loosened by digging underneath it. The root ball will then need to be wrapped in protective burlap.

If the tree is not being immediately transplanted, the root ball will need to be moistened so that the roots do not dry out. Once the roots are free, the tree should be lowered to the ground using ropes, in order to minimize any potential damage. The foliage of the tree will also need to be wrapped so that it is protected during transportation.

Since mature live palms can sell for between $500 and $800, this can work well to help you recoup some of the money you are spending on having the tree removed.