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Snake Plant Moonshine Growing and Care Guide

June 2, 2023

Snake Plant Moonshine – Growing & Care Tips

The Moonshine Snake Plant is one of the most sought after types of snake plants, because of its pale coloring and almost ethereal look. This plant’s most prominent feature is its mint green-silver foliage which grows upright to heights of up to 2 feet. Like other snake plants, it is native to tropical West Africa, so it makes for a great house plant. It is easy to grow, but it does benefit from some slightly different care than other varieties of snake plant. Read this guide to find out exactly how to care for your Snake Plant Moonshine.

Black Gold Snake Plant

December 4, 2022

Black Gold Snake Plant – Growing and Care Info

The Black Gold Snake Plant is one of the most popular types of snake plants which is kept as a houseplant. It has long, lance shaped leaves which are quite tough and fleshy. The foliage comes to a gradual point at the tips, and is dark green with yellow edging strips running vertically along the lengths of the leaves.

Braided Snake Plant Growing and Care Guide

June 2, 2023

Braided Snake Plant Growing and Care Guide

The Braided Snake Plant is a species of snake plant which can be braided to create a quirky and unusual look. Like other snake plants, this variety is easy to care for and requires little maintenance. It is native to Angola, and makes a great house plant because it thrives in warm environments.

Whale Fin Snake Plant Growing and Care Guide

June 2, 2023

Whale Fin Snake Plant – Growing and Care Guide

The Whale Fin Snake Plant is a striking variety which is instantly recognizable from its huge single leaf that heavily resembles the fin of a whale. This plant hails from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, so it also goes by the common name of ‘Mason Congo Sansevieria’. The unusual look of this snake plant has led to a surge in its popularity as a houseplant. Here you can learn all about how to take care of this gorgeous snake plant variety.

Snake Plant Pot

September 5, 2022

What Are the Snake Plant Pot Sizes?

The best size pot for a snake plant is a pot that is around half an inch bigger than the diameter of the root ball on either side. For example, if your root ball measures 11 inches across, go for a pot that is 12 inches.

How Big Do Snake Plants Get

June 2, 2023

How Big Do Snake Plants Get?

The eventual size of a snake plant is going to depend largely on the variety of snake plants you are growing, along with the care you are giving it. Snake plants can tolerate low lighting levels, and as a result, they are often grown as houseplants in darker corners of the home.

Black Coral Snake Plant – Growing and Care Info

June 2, 2023

Sansevieria Trifasciata Black Coral – Care For the Black Coral Snake Plant

The Black Coral Snake Plant is a variety of the more common snake plant, popularly grown as a houseplant. It is an evergreen succulent that produces dense clumps of foliage, growing in upward-facing rosettes. It features dark green foliage, which appears black in low lighting, hence its name, along with zigzag banding in a bright green color.

Types of Philodendrons

June 2, 2023

12 Different Types of Philodendrons (with Pictures)

If you are a keen gardener in a hot climate or a lover of houseplants, then you likely have at least one philodendron in your collection. These are enormously popular plants because they are relatively easy to care for, are beautiful to look at, and come in a wide range of varieties.

Philodendron Cordatum Growing and Care Guide

June 2, 2023

How to Grow and Care For Philodendron Cordatum

The Philodendron Cordatum is a rare plant which is commonly mistaken for other types of Philodendrons. It has heavily veined heart-shaped leaves, and grows along the rainforest floor in distinct areas of Brazil.

Silver Sword Philodendron Growing and Care Guide

May 19, 2023

How to Grow and Care For Silver Sword Philodendron

The Silver Sword Philodendron is native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, where it was once a common sight but unfortunately is now endangered as a result of deforestation. Outside of its natural habitat, this plant thrives outdoors in hot climates, and it also makes an excellent houseplant. It is a climbing plant with a chunky vine, and distinctive shimmering blue-green foliage. It can be grown as a climber with trellis for support, or it also works well as a trailing hanging plant.

Philodendron Burle Marx Growing and Care Guide

June 2, 2023

Philodendron Burle Marx Growing and Care Guide

This is one of the less common types of Philodendrons grown as houseplants. It is native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil and is named after Roberto Burle Marx, who was a world-famous Brazilian landscape architect with a particular interest in using tropical plants in modern garden design.

How to propagate philodendron birkin

December 4, 2022

How to Propagate Philodendron Birkin

Like most types of philodendrons, the philodendron birkin is easy to propagate. This means you can create numerous new birkin plants for your collection, or to give to friends and family.