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How to Water Peonies

January 28, 2023

How to Water Peonies – All You Need to Know

Watering is among the most important factors when it comes to caring for your peonies properly. There are a few things you need to address, including whether peonies like moist soil or not, the age, type, climate, seasons, and etc. before you can decide how much water you provide for your peonies.

Fragrant Peonies

January 28, 2023

11 Amazing Fragrant Peonies (with Pictures)

Peonies are favored for their showy flowers which, for the most part, are completely maintenance free once well established. These easy care perennials will return year on year to delight the landscape with stunning texture and color.

Growing Peonies in Pots

January 28, 2023

Growing Peonies in Pots – A Ultimate Guide

Peonies are compact in size, which leads many people to wonder if they are suitable for growing in pots. Here we look at the best ways to grow peonies in containers, and how their care differs from peonies grown in the ground.

Coral Peony Varieties

January 26, 2023

Coral Peony Varieties – Do You Know These?

Coral peony varieties have gained enormous popularity over the last decade, as this color has become a mainstay of interior design and wedding decor. Here we look at how to care for coral peony varieties, and which varieties are best for home growing and floral bouquets.

Types of Red Peonies

January 26, 2023

11 Different Types of Red Peonies (with Pictures)

Red peonies look spectacular in any setting, with their vivid red petals contrasting heavily against the mounds of green foliage they are set against. Here we look at some of the best types of red peonies available for the home garden.

Types of Pink Peonies

January 26, 2023

19 Types of Pink Peonies (with Photos)

Pink peonies in soft and delicate shades are great for creating a luscious, romantic look, while brighter and more vivid pink peonies can appear playful and fun, and these will contrast more heavily against green foliage in the garden for a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere. Here we look at some of the best pink peonies around.

What to Plant with Peonies

January 26, 2023

What to Plant with Peonies? (5 Greats Choices)

Here we look at the best companion plants for peonies that will give you a longer blooming season, while also adding more color, texture, and contrast to the landscape.

When to Cut Back Peonies

January 26, 2023

When to Cut Back Peonies

Peonies are well known for being low maintenance plants which reward us with plenty of beautiful flowers in spring and summer. If you want to ensure your peonies stay in tip-top condition, then you’ll need to know how and when they should be cut back.

Where to Plant Peonies

January 22, 2023

Where to Plant Peonies – Our Best Tips

The key thing you need to get right for your peony is planting it in the right location – this requires considering lots of factors involved such as light, soil, and how deep you plant your peonies.

When Do Peonies Bloom

January 22, 2023

When Do Peonies Bloom (and for How Long)

There are three categories of peonies which all types of peonies can be sorted into. These are tree peonies, herbaceous peonies, and intersectional peonies. All of these peonies produce the popular flowers we know and love in a range of colors and sizes, but the number of blooms they send out, the time of year they flourish, and the lifespan of the flowers will vary.

Types of Yellow Peonies

January 18, 2023

8 Different Types of Yellow Peonies (with Pictures)

The vast majority of peonies have showy yellow stamens, but if you’re looking for a peony with yellow petals then your choice is going to be more restricted since this is not one of the more common types of peony colors.

Types of Orange Peonies

January 18, 2023

7 Types of Orange Peonies (with Pictures)

Peonies in shades of orange are not frequently found in nature, so many of the orange peonies available are a result of hybridization, where several different species of peonies have been crossed to produce a new variety. Here we look at some of the best orange peonies around.