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Banyan trees all you need to know

May 11, 2023

Banyan Trees – All You Need to Know

Banyan Trees can be formed from any type of strangler fig, but the most widely known species of fig which develops into a Banyan Tree is the Ficus benghalensis. These trees hail from India but can be grown outside in suitably hot climates, and they also make good houseplants.

Fire Resistant Trees

May 10, 2023

5 Fire-Resistant Trees (with Growing Info)

In areas that are prone to wildfires, one of the ways you can help to protect your home is by planting fire-resistant trees. This includes oak trees, fruit trees, and maple trees.

Trees with white bark

May 1, 2023

12 Trees with White Bark (Including Growing Info)

Trees with white bark look striking when set against the more earthy tones of the natural landscape, and when the sun shines upon them, they can appear to be almost glowing. Here we take a look at the most sought-after trees with white bark which can be grown in a range of climates and conditions.

Types of Cypress Trees

June 3, 2023

7 Types of Cypress Trees – Background, Qualities and Growing Conditions

Cypress trees are evergreen conifers which belong to the Cupressaceae family, and the Cupressus genus. Different types of cypress trees are found growing natively in various countries around the world, but generally they tend to be best suited to hot climates. Here we look at a range of cypress trees and explore their backgrounds, their physical features, and their growing conditions.

Types of cherry blossom trees

June 3, 2023

8 Types of Cherry Blossom Trees: Discovering Their Unique Characteristics and Varieties

Cherry blossom trees are popularly cultivated for their floral appeal, but they can also retain interest all year around, thanks to their graceful silhouette and often unusual colored bark. Here we look at the most popular types of cherry blossom for a range of growing conditions.

How big do maple trees get

April 22, 2023

How Big Do Maple Trees Get?

Maple trees come in many varieties, and their height can vary greatly. The Japanese Maple is the smallest, reaching as little as 5 feet when fully grown. However, the Bigleaf Maple, also known as ‘Humboldt Honey’, holds the title for the tallest maple tree in the world, standing at an impressive 160 feet. This tree can be found in California’s state park.


June 3, 2023

7 Stunning Trees with Orange Berries For Year-Round Color

Trees with orange berries add a visual statement to the landscape, with bright fruits that contrast against a background of green foliage. Read on for the best types of trees with orange berries.

Parts of a tree

April 14, 2023

Detailed Parts of A Tree Explained (with Diagram)

Here we explore the different parts of a tree and investigate how each part of a tree functions. Although there is a huge variation in types of trees and species, they all share these components in common, which serve in keeping the trees strong and healthy, aiding in their growth and longevity.

Types of birch trees

April 11, 2023

8 Common Types of birch trees (with Photos)

Birch trees are known for their striking fall foliage, and their varying colors of bark, which will often peel for added interest in the winter landscape. Though birch trees are predominantly cool-weather trees, there are some species which can thrive in warmer climates. Within the Betula genus, there are also birch species which thrive in wet soils, and those which can also tolerate drought.

When Do Dogwood Trees Bloom

June 6, 2023

When Do Dogwood Trees Bloom?

Dogwood trees belong to the Cornaceae family, which comprises a wide range of dogwood shrubs and trees. Dogwood trees are a type of flowering tree, though the species and variety of the dogwood tree will determine the time of year which is expected to bloom, as well as how long it will remain in bloom for. Here we look at the blooming time of dogwood trees according to type.

Types of palm trees

June 6, 2023

14 Different Types of Palm Trees Explained

Palm trees are evergreen, flowering plants which all belong to the Arecaceae family. This family is widely known as the Palm family, since it comprises over 2500 different species of palms. Palms are considered to be a tropical type of tree, however they grow in a diverse range of habitats, from rainforests, to beaches, and deserts.

Types of maple trees

April 5, 2023

11 Different Types of Maple Trees

Despite being deciduous, most Acer species also offer interest throughout the winter thanks to their interesting bark. Here we look at some of the best types of Maple trees for growing in a range of climates.